Favorite Mid – Atlantic Dish

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From the site stats the most viewed recipe biography on this site so far is Cream of Crab Soup. I am in the process of researching about 20 new entries for the blog and would like to know what recipes from the Mid – Atlantic region that people would like to know more about. The dish does not necessarily have to  been created in this region, there are entries like Sally Lunn Bread which came originally from England and your selections can include requests from sub sections of Mid-Atlantic cuisine such as Amish and Mennonite cooking. Just leave a suggestion below and I will add it to the growing pile of research and include it in an upcoming blog. The traditions of our region and the recipes that have made Mid-Atlantic cooking one of the most exciting in the world should be studied and analyzed to continue the evolution of the local cuisine. Some of you may have read past posts on the current trends in food and their impact on the region for better and for worse as well as the detrimental effects of environmental trends and the impact of politics on the health and safety of the food ways of the region. These issues will also be continued and explored further. as part of the evolutionary process, all cuisines must change over time, but our connection to them and the pleasure and memories which are associated with them should not have to fade away as well. look forward to hearing from you.


About midatlanticcooking

Chef in the Mid-Atlantic region for over 20 years. Painter, writer and traveler.
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