Influential Mid-Atlantic Cookbooks (Part 2)

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Hammond-Harwood House (Md. Ave. Facade)

Hammond-Harwood House (Md. Ave. Facade) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maryland’s Way: The Hammond-Harwood House Cookbook

The Hammond-Harwood House Association

     This is one of the greatest resources you can get on Mid-Atlantic Cooking and Maryland cooking in particular. It was published in conjunction with the Maryland bicentennial Commission to promote Maryland history.

The book is actually a collection of recipes from all over the region. Many of the recipes are from historical collections but there are some modern ones collected as well, (modern meaning 1963.)

You will find a recipe for just about every regional dish in this book, although some will have to be updated, but the overall collection is taken from every part of the state, so you get the mountain cooking as well as the classics from the Chesapeake Bay region.

The book also contains some great historical notes as well, including menus from George Washington’s dinners as well as essays on Tobacco in the region as well as oyster roasts, horse racing and even cock-fighting. it also contains a postscript on “The Act of Toleration passed in 1649.”

The book is broken up by ingredients, each chapter deals with various preparations of a classic ingredient, such as seafood or beef etc. It is an essential book to add to your collection. If you have to limit yourself to one book on Mid-Atlantic cooking, this one is the most comprehensive, but it does limit itself to the Maryland region.

This book deals with all of the great classic dishes of the region, but these dishes are definitely classic interpretations, since it was written in the early sixties.

     The book has great illustrations, but they are of the state of Maryland and many of the historical houses in the region. It is without question a must have for reference in this region of cooking.


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  3. We will be reprinting the Maryland’s Way cookbook this year, in celebration of its 50th anniversary. Copies will be available in September. Keep an eye on the Hammond-Harwood House website ( for details.

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